Victim: Casey Landes (killed)
The accused: Charles Podany


Casey Landes

White male

Age at time: 24

Weapon: unarmed

Victim photo: Florida Department of Corrections


Charles Podany

White male

Age at time: 49

Weapon: gun


Defendant photo: Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office

Case type:
Citizen enforcing the law




Case year:

Location details: On a public street in shooter's neighborhood, Bay Hills Circle in Thonotosassa, Hillsborough County, on Feb. 29, 2008

What happened: Charles Podany, 49, saw a truck speeding through his neighborhood and called 911. The operator told him to get the truck's tag number, so Podany grabbed his gun and rode his bike down the street. When he reached the home where the truck was parked, one of the truck's passengers, Casey Landes, hit Podany in the face and knocked him off his bike. The driver testified that his friend, who was drunk, was beating up Podany in a one-sided fight before Podany shot him in the head with a .40-caliber handgun. "The guy was scared, man," the witness, Evin Aguayo, said. Although Landes was unarmed, Podany was smaller than his attacker.

The outcome: Prosecutors filed manslaughter charges against Podany, but a Hillsborough County judge later granted him immunity and dismissed the charge. The judge said Podany was in a place where he had the right to be and had the right to defend himself while retreating from a confrontation.

Investigating agency: Hillsborough County Sheriff

Case decision made by: Judge

Trayvon Martin’s death became controversial because circumstances leading up to the shooting cast doubt on who was to blame. The Tampa Bay Times reviewed other “stand your ground” cases for similar circumstances. The Times relied on available information, some of which may not tell the whole story. When the situation was unclear, that was noted.

Yes No Unclear/

Did the victim initiate the confrontation?


Was the victim armed?


Was the victim committing a crime that led to the confrontation?


Did the defendant pursue the victim?


Could the defendant have retreated to avoid the conflict?


Was the defendant on his or her property?


Did someone witness the attack?


Was there physical evidence?


Source: Tampa Bay Times, Sept. 2, 2009.

Source: Thirteenth Judicial Circuit Court, Hillsborough County, Sept. 16, 2009.

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