Victim: Cuwissie Hamilton
The accused: Derral Hamilton


Cuwissie Hamilton

Black male

Age at time: 32

Weapon: unarmed

Victim photo: Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office


Derral Hamilton

Black male

Age at time: 25

Weapon: gun


Defendant photo: Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office

Case type:
Domestic dispute




Case year:

Location details: Outside the defendant's home in Tampa, Hillsborough County, on Dec. 13, 2010

What happened: Cuwissie Hamilton and his cousin Derral Hamilton had a history of problems. In Dec. 2010, Cuwissie and two friends went to Derral's house to confront him about how he had treated a female cousin. What started as a calm conversation escalated to gunfire when Cuwissie was getting in the car to leave. That's when Derral reportedly said "It's your turn" and fired his gun three times, injuring Cuwissie. Derral later told police his cousin had shot him in the leg earlier that year and that Cuwissie had recently threatened to "finish the job this time." Derral also told police Cuwissie had a gun and fired it first, but police who searched the scene the day of the incident found no evidence that Derral was fired upon.

The outcome: Defendant pleaded guilty to possession of firearm by a felon after a judge granted immunity on charges of attempted murder and aggravated assault.

Case decision made by: Judge

Trayvon Martin’s death became controversial because circumstances leading up to the shooting cast doubt on who was to blame. The Tampa Bay Times reviewed other “stand your ground” cases for similar circumstances. The Times relied on available information, some of which may not tell the whole story. When the situation was unclear, that was noted.

Yes No Unclear/

Did the victim initiate the confrontation?


Was the victim armed?


Was the victim committing a crime that led to the confrontation?


Did the defendant pursue the victim?


Could the defendant have retreated to avoid the conflict?


Was the defendant on his or her property?


Did someone witness the attack?


Was there physical evidence?


Source: Hillsborough County Clerk of Court, Dec. 14, 2010.

Source: Tampa Bay Times, Dec. 13, 2010.

Source: Tampa Bay Times, Dec. 14, 2010. Link to original source

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Case last updated: Aug. 10, 2013