Victims: Jason Albaugh, Corey Albaugh
The accused: Mohamed Ali


Jason Albaugh

White male

Age at time: 21

Weapon: unarmed


Corey Albaugh

White male

Age at time: 18

Weapon: unarmed


Mohamed Ali

Other male

Age at time: 23

Weapon: gun


Case type:
Argument turned violent




Case year:

Location details: Outside Insomniac's bar in New Port Richey, Pasco County, on Jan. 17, 2009

What happened: Brothers Jason and Corey Albaugh were outside a bar trying to resolve a non-physical lover's spat between Jason and his girlfriend. The defendant, Mohamed Ali, was coming out of his nearby store, exchanged words with Corey, then pulled out a gun and pointed it at Corey's head. Corey grabbed Ali's wrist, the two fell to the ground in a struggle and the gun fired, hitting and injuring one of the brothers. The other brother was hit in the head by the gun. Ali, who said he sometimes carries a lot of money on him, told police that he thought he was about to be robbed.

The outcome: Originally charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, Mohamed Ali pleaded no contest to a lesser charged of battery. Judge Michael Andrews, who denied the self defense motion, said it was debatable who was the least believable witness but said some witness testimony, "including that of the defendant stretched greatly the boundaries of creditability (sic)"

Case decision made by: Judge

Trayvon Martin’s death became controversial because circumstances leading up to the shooting cast doubt on who was to blame. The Tampa Bay Times reviewed other “stand your ground” cases for similar circumstances. The Times relied on available information, some of which may not tell the whole story. When the situation was unclear, that was noted.

Yes No Unclear/

Did the victim initiate the confrontation?


Was the victim armed?


Was the victim committing a crime that led to the confrontation?


Did the defendant pursue the victim?


Could the defendant have retreated to avoid the conflict?


Was the defendant on his or her property?


Did someone witness the attack?


Was there physical evidence?


Source: Pasco County Sheriff's Office report, April 20, 2012.

Source: Sixth Judicial Circuit Court, Pinellas County, Oct. 8, 2009.

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Case last updated: Aug. 10, 2013